Your Key to Growing Your Biz and Platform on Social Media is Here!

My e-book, THE INDEPENDENT INFLUENCER, launched TODAY! I'm so excited! I'm excited because I worked hard to make sure I packed this book full of the best resources, knowledge, tips, and hacks I've learning from creating content that lands paid brand deals and has clients and customers seeking ME out to work with me! I perfected this so YOU CAN SPEND MINUTES LEARNING WHAT TOOK ME YEARS!

Keep reading for book details and a free page from the book!

(FUN FACT: I took this picture by myself with a tripod! And...most of the pictures on my feed are taken by myself with my phone 😱😱😱)

This e-book is for anyone who wants more engagement on their posts, followers, and sales of their products or services! Also, if you want to learn how to take a killer photo even just so you don’t have to hire a photographer for Christmas pictures, this is for you!

All of the sections of this book are so valuable. It was hard picking which one to show you for free! I realized though it's important to start with your mindset when taking pictures, especially by yourself. Becoming an Independent Influencer taught me SO many skills! One of the main skills it taught me is how to create confidence and how to focus on what's important and stop caring what others around me are thinking!

Here's one of my many valuable pages in this book:

I want you to be able to create all of the content you want without having to hire a photographer, ask friends or family to take your pics, or have to schedule specific times to take pictures...I want you to be able to be an INDEPENDENT INFLUENCER OR BUSINESS OWNER!

Here’s what’s covered in the e-book...

- How to take a picture the right way!

- Which tripod I use!

- A list of all of the apps I use (like the one I mentioned above)! THIS IS SO VALUABLE!

- Videos and behind-the-scenes of me posing and taking photos with my phone and tripod!

- Video of how I edit iPhone pics to make them look like a professional photo!


- Mindset tips!

- Q&A from questions I often receive from you beauties!

- And other helpful info

If you are wondering how to take your business page, your influence, or your content game to the NEXT level so customers and brands reach out to YOU...this is the resource for you!!!

Click HERE to see the details about this book! I'm excited for it to add freedom and value to your life!

How would it change your life if more people engaged with your posts, if brands reached out to YOU for collaborations, and customers sought YOU out to buy your products and services?

I hope you enjoy the e-book! Please USE the info you learn! Take me in your posts so I can see your new content creation skills come to life! :)

Make Today Count,