Simple But Effective Business Tips

I had the privilege of hopping on the phone with a top-notch business coach for 30 minutes, and I’ll never forget his #1 advice…

Keep a snack in your purse at all times. Right? I was shocked too. He explained that a brain without fuel can’t run an efficient and successful business.

I make sure to have snacks no more than an arm’s length away, which became super easy when I started to #snackwithsanaia! One of the snacks I love is Sanaia ’s gourmet applesauce! It’s blended with exotic fruit and plant-based ingredients. It’s like applesauce for adults that’s organic and non-GMO :) My favorite flavors are the Unsweetened and Guava!

Whether you are an on-the-go boss babe, a busy student, or you just are hungry 24/7 like me, this is such a great go-to snack!

Here are a few other valuable and practical business tips I've learned:

Keep lipstick and mascara in your purse in case you have an opportunity to network and need a touch-up.
Hand someone your phone for them to put in their contact information IN ADDITION to giving them your business card (so you can have their contact even if they lose your business card).
Often, it's tough to remember which contact you met at which event. Along with making a note in their contact, add a screenshot of their contact to a photo album in your phone. Name the album the name of the event! I attended an event this weekend called "Intentional Entrepreneur Live." So I have an album in my phone now with about 30 screenshots of contacts and Instagram profiles of the gals I met there!

I hope these tips were helpful and give you some ideas to be efficient and grow your business without added stress!

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