My DIY Engagement Party

Throughout the wedding planning process, I’ve been praying for ways to be a good steward of my finances and the finances of those pitching in. For the engagement party, I challenged myself to create an engagement party with no boring moments, for everyone to have a blast and to do the whole thing for less than $500!

BEST TIP: Pick a theme and RUN WITH IT! It makes the decor, food, outfits, etc. so much easier to pick out when you know EXACTLY what you need.

Okay, now on to the challenge of feeding and entertaining a large group of people for less than $500!

Here’s a price breakdown:

Venue: FREE // My Apartment :)

The venue I originally wanted shut back down due to Covid so I opted to have it in my apartment. I actually loved it, because it allowed us to extend the party 4-5 more hours and play games at the pool! Also, I was able to gradually put up the decorations instead of having a strict timeline.

Decorations: $33 // I recommend paper confetti

- Confetti (I used this for the tables & to stuff the balloons the bridesmaids popped).

It was difficult to clean up, so I would recommend a paper confetti like this.

- Faux Vines (I used this for the photo backdrop and also to wrap the gifts for the bridesmaids and groomsmen).

- Balloons (Corey and I did the balloon arch together. I used packaging tape to stick the smaller balloons on the larger ones in order to make it more 3D. I used a few extra balloons for the bridesmaids proposal box!)

- Photos (I had a few printed at Walgreens to hang on the vines and spread on a couple of tables).

Food and Beverages: $250 // We shopped at Walmart and Publix!

Our menu:

- Chicken Kabobs

- Pulled Pork Mini Sandwiches (everyone's fave)! Here's the recipe.

- Watermelon and Feta Skewers (drizzled with balsamic glaze)

- Variety of Chips

- Carrots and Ranch

- Fruit

- Cookies from Publix (grocery store)

- For beverages, it was BYOB. We did provide sparkling water and other juices.

Outfits: $58 // Amazon

Corey's Shirt

My Romper

Flowers: $150 // Goldie's Flower Truck

Francessca, the owner of Goldie's, did an AMAZING job! The flowers totally took the decor to a whole new level!

Wedding Party Gifts

(Corey and I decided to "propose" to our wedding party and give them their gifts an hour before the party officially started. Some brides choose to do it this way and others "propose" on a different day, which is why the costs of the gifts weren't included in the party total).

Bridesmaids Gifts: $147 //

- Balloons (Used extras from decorations)

- Robes

- Hangers (I used a paint pen to write my bridesmaids' names and title on them)

- Push Pins

- Boxes (Also used for groomsmen gifts)

Groomsmen Gifts: $129 //

- Custom Cufflinks and Custom Box

So, how did the party go?

We all had SO MUCH FUN! It was casual and chill. Everyone ended up staying from 2-4 more hours after the party technically ended because we went to the pool and played games! We ended the party with full bellies and full hearts :)

No matter how much is spent, you can throw an amazing and memorable engagement party!

I hope this was helpful and happy planning!

Big Hugs,