How to Narrow Down Your Dream Client

It took FOREVER to finally narrow down who my dream client (aka “Ideal Client”) is.

If you are still trying to create content to appeal to EVERYONE, this is your alert to start creating content that attracts ONE type of person in order to work less and earn more! Keep reading to learn how!


Here’s how I identified each aspect of my dream client:

1. Gender and Age.

I’m a woman and know how we tick + I’m married and don’t want to have consistent 1:1 calls with a man. Therefore, I knew my dream client is a woman! The ideal age of women I want to serve is 18-35. Why? They are likely familiar with social media, know they want to be an entrepreneur or tried a 9-5 and decided they want freedom, and they are eager to learn and implement what I teach them!

2. Main Area They Want to Grow In.

My dream client wants to build a profitable business. I narrowed it down to that specific desire because I can relate to it, I have a proven track record of building profitable businesses, I have a college degree in this area, and I’m passionate about supporting women to have freedom in their life! I narrowed it down further to women who want to start a business or grow a business in the early phases.

3. Something To Further Narrow Down Who You’re Speaking To.

This is the scariest step, but I’ve found it’s the most important! Imagine how many women I stopped attracting when I decided my dream client is a woman who wants to build a profitable business AND grow in her faith. I was scared because I thought there are only a few hundred women on IG who want Jesus to be the foundation of their business.

In reality, there are thousands of women like this! I pinpointed my dream client, and it led to dozens and dozens of dream clients reaching out to ME for my services!

I’m about to launch a new product. It’s tempting to want to make it generic enough for EVERYONE to be able to relate to it. However, there are other products out there like that, but there aren’t products like this created SPECIFICALLY for female entrepreneurs who love Jesus.

What I plan to do is market specifically to women in this niche. The product is created perfectly for their needs. They will not be able to find a product like this anywhere else! Maybe only 500 women will view the product and 200 of them will purchase. That’s still better than marketing to everyone and getting 10,000 views on the product but only 100 purchases.

As your business grows, you can begin branching out into other areas. But for now, start by speaking to ONE type of person. Become an expert in that specific area they want to grow in. Clients will come to you rather than you having to find them!

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Big Hugs,