5 Things Women Do That Are Joy-Draining

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

It took a dull razor and a few other nuisances to make me realize that as women, there are at least 5 things we do that seem small but can be draining our joy! Also, keep scrolling to see exclusive pictures from a super amazing event I attended this week! Yay!)

Why is it that we skimp on the little things that make us happy? For example, I love having smooth legs…yet I’ve been using the same dull razor for months now (I know, don’t judge haha). Then, I started using a fresh, new razor and it added so much joy to my life (pun intended :).

This made me think, how many other things do I do that is joy-draining? I immediately thought of 5 things.

Here’s my list, and it may be the same as yours!

1. Shaving with a cheap, dull razor.

Spend only 10 bucks and actually get a quality razor to avoid razor bumps, missed patches of hair, and to cross your legs without the hair on your right leg tickling your left leg!

2. Going DAYS without washing my hair because “I don’t have time.”

I always feel so amazing with clean hair! I realized that by simply setting aside 20 minutes for washing and 15 minutes for styling, I can FEEL better than just spraying in more dry shampoo!

3. Skipping dessert to save the calories.

If I want dessert one night, I realized I can just order a healthier meal and still get the dessert and have the same number of calories! We are counting sugar for this ladies hehe. Sometimes, it’s okay to eat dessert!

4. Listening to negative people.

How joy-draining is that?! It’s easy to not set boundaries. Maybe you have a friend who is always complaining and uses you as her audience. I’ve had a friend like that. I prayed about what to say, and one day I finally set a boundary. I said, “(Name), my heart goes out to you that you are having a tough time at work. I would love to be a part of the solution and be a positive person in your life. Would you be open to focusing on the best parts of our day when we’re together?” YOU CAN’T GIVE JOY TO SOMEONE WHO IS DRAINING IT! SET BOUNDARIES!

5. Feeling “lazy” for taking naps.

Girl, take naps! It’s okay! I’m not a mom, but I’ve heard about “Mom guilt” from some of my friends who feel badly for spending any time away from their kids. Hire a babysitter and get a massage! I promise your kids will love you more for it haha. I loved when my mom would get a cool baby sitter for my brother and me and go get a massage. We always had fun and she came home relaxed. WIN WIN! If you own a business, you might feel “entrepreneur guilt.” I constantly can be doing something to grow my business. Sometimes, I am exhausted and take naps and feel like I’m neglecting my business. I realized that my rest and energy are NECESSARY to grow my business, to be a good friend, a good student, etc. So if you’re tired, girl go take a nap and wake up rested and ready to slay the day :)

Dress: Express.com Earrings: NastyGal.com

I hope at least one of these things will trigger ideas for other negative things in your life that you CAN change!

*Feel free to email lianadaniellehead@gmail.com if you ever need prayer or have any questions about things or people in your life that are joy-draining. I’m always here for you!

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Go find joy and spread joy today!



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