About me

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Favorite Verse: 

             Acts 20:24

            "I consider my life worth                                     nothing to me; my only aim is      

              to finish the race and complete     

              the task the Lord Jesus has given     

              me—the task of testifying to the       

             good news of God’s grace."

Favorite Quotes:   

            "You turn graves into gardens.

            You turn bones into armies.

            You turn seas into highways.

            You're the ONLY one who can!."

                        - Elevation Worship

           "One person's annoying is

            another's inspiring and heroic."

                        - Leslie Knope

Favorite Songs: 

             "New Wine"

                        - Hillsong Worship

            "Dancing Queen"

                        - Mamma Mia!

Favorite Colors: Pastel Oranges & Pinks 

Weird Fact: I get major goosebumps

                     when I sneeze. 

Hi sweet friend!


Keep reading to find out a little more about what I do:


I support women in building their businesses and their influence on a solid foundation, the Word of God. Along with faithful business building, Liana Danielle LLC provides free resources, weekly newsletters, digital products, and coaching programs to support the women I serve.


While yes, I run a business, this site represents more than a person or a brand, it's a community of women starting a movement together. A movement that is welcoming Jesus more than into just our Sunday mornings, but into our relationships, our businesses, and our influence in the lives of others on and offline. Through the products and services I offer, I am committed to supporting every woman who comes this way to walk faithfully and joyfully through any trial or setbacks to pursue her God-given calling.


That’s right new friend! I am here to serve you in growing in your faith, building effective and profitable entrepreneurial skills, and creating content to build your social platforms. 


I would love to connect! Feel free to contact me via IG (@liana.danielle) or email (lianadaniellehead@gmail.com) with any questions or prayer requests you have! 

Make Today Count,